Q) Who can play?

A) Anyone of adult age. Toss together any mix of your friends – women, men, couples or singles! You can even throw in your strange uncle if you want.The game is great for sharing laughs, getting to know someone better, and for couples who’ve been together for years! It's all about connecting, discovery and sharing the love.

Q) How many can play?

A) Frequent Flirter® can be played with 2-8 people. It’s a social game, so the more the merrier.The game can be played with odd or even numbers. Six players works really well, and neat when it’s an even match. But odd is good fun too! Remember that strange uncle?

Q) How revealing is it?

A) As revealing as you want it to be ;-). If you don’t want to give away your secret sauce, you can play as coy as you like. We’ve even got a special card for you when you want to be mysterious ;-). Remember though – you get out of life what you put into it!

Q) Is it just about sex?

A) Goodness, no! It’s about the whole crazy, wonderful game of love and relationships. Box and dice!

Q) Is it a truth and dare game?

A) No. But we dare you to have an adventure ;-)

Q) Is there any stripping involved?

A) You just made me blush. No!

Q) What are the four characters all about?

A) You mean Miss Magic, Super Stud, Dr Debonair and Oracle Olive? They’re Luv Gurus. You'll be expertly guided through the thrill of the game to become the Ultimate HeartThrob!

Q) Can we make up our own rules?

A) Sure you can. Rules were made to be broken! But always follow the golden rule… Share the love! 😉